A Farm-to-Table Farmstand: We believe that fresh, natural, locally-raised food is a commodity that is much needed in our area. Jacobs Heritage Farm is proud to provide a link between small farms and the local community. You can find farm-fresh products from Jacobs Heritage Farm at Copley Coffee & Games.

About the Farm: Jacobs Heritage Farm is a 25-acre farm and bee preserve in Copley, Ohio. They refer to the farm as a heritage farm because of its history and because they raise heritage livestock. Jacobs Heritage Farm was built in 1859 and has been in the Jacobs family for four generations (since 1919). They strive to preserve the agricultural traditions of their family and of the community as a whole.

Products: Jacobs Heritage Farm is a working farm that offers raw honey, pasture-raised meats and quail eggs, and a selection of handmade products such as jellies, dried herbs, handmade soaps, and goatsmilk fudge.

Farmers Helping Farmers: They also provide an outlet for farm products made by other small local farms that have similar values. They strongly believe that farmers should work together whenever possible. There are numerous small farms in the area that are creating beautiful, natural, homemade products. Jacobs Heritage Farm helps bring these local farm products to the local community and you will be able to find chicken and duck eggs, garlic, handspun yarn, preserves, and more at the Farmstand at Copley Coffee & Games.