Introvert Book Club!

Need some time to yourself?

One night a week we're going to have the Introvert Book Club! The purpose of this event is to create an atmosphere where you can sit quietly and read with your Coffee, Tea, Italian Soda, & maybe a pastry. This event is completely anti-social and we encourage everyone to absolutely as quiet as possible.

Play Date Days!

Are you tired of being in the house? Wouldn't you just love to get out and have a cup of coffee with a friend and know the kids are not only safe, but entertained?

Well we're planning every Tuesday & Thursday from 9:00am - 11:00am as our play date days! We're going to focus on planning extra kid-friendly environment & child-focused events on those days!


The Walls Are Closing In On Me Days!

Work from home? Can't stand the thought of one more moment in that chair?

Well every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday are our Get ME The Hell Outta Here days! The ambiance will be adjusted for a relaxing, but inspiring work environment.