The Coffee

Our coffee and espresso drinks use only high-quality beans from local roasters to ensure our customers have an amazing coffee experience.

The Food

We will be offering a breakfast & lunch menu. The lunch menu will be a light, old-world tapas-style meal made from healthy, seasonal, local ingredients as well as baked goods.

Books & Games

We want people to come in and stay awhile, so Copley Coffee & Games has books and games on shelves throughout the store. These books and games are all free-to-use, so just grab a book or game and hang out for a while. We use the honor system here; we trust that you will put it back when you’re done.

The Farm Stand

We believe that fresh, natural, locally-raised food is a commodity that is much needed in our area. Jacobs Heritage Farm is proud to provide a link between small farms and the local community. You can find farm-fresh products from Jacobs Heritage Farm at Copley Coffee & Games.