Copley Coffee & Games is being brought to you by the folks over at Jacobs Heritage Farm, a fourth generation farm here in Copley, Ohio. We are a hard-working Copley family and we care about this township. We see a need in our community, and we believe that Copley Coffee & Games will help provide a solution.

The Farm-to-Table Farmstand at Copley Coffee & Games will also provide an outlet for our ongoing passion for farming. It will make healthy and natural farm products accessible to more people.

Not to mention that our farm is fueled by COFFEE! We love coffee and it was an easy decision to bring coffee to the table as well. A coffeehouse feels like a natural extension of who we are.

Why Us??


  • Quality product
  • Unique, artisanal goods
  • Locally sourced products and ingredients
  • Small local business
  • Convenient hours
  • Friendly, safe, and inspiring environment
  • Close to home
  • Ran by people you know
  • Community focused
  • We work with local businesses, we don't compete with them